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In these times of high competition and complexity, companies are under increasing pressure to achieve results. In this scenario, a key asset that can really make the difference is their team. Their people. If an organisation effectively unlocks the collective potential of its people, it can generate enormous motive power and achieve its vision for growth.

The question really is, how can the collective potential of your organisation’s people and other stakeholders be unlocked? How can your organisation experience transformational growth as against an incremental one?

Training programs, performance management systems and such other measures may seem to be answers, but they are not. These can only make an incremental difference to your company.

The answer really is the ‘internal alignment’ of your stakeholders. That is, aligning them to your growth vision and business objectives.

Which is where we come in.



Entropy, our scientific, proprietary solution for internal alignment, is designed so as to give your people a single-minded focus on your growth vision and business goals. It is only when they are ‘internally aligned’, will they be able to ‘live’ your business-growth promise on a day-to-day basis. And in turn, this will ensure that your brand is able to deliver on its promise made to consumers.

Entropy is unique in three ways.Only scientific tool available in India for bringing about internal alignment of organisations. Secondly, it actually measures the degree of internal alignment in your organisation (which seems like an abstract issue) and quantifies it in the form of Entropy Quotient (EnQ). And thirdly, its impact is transformational, not incremental.

The Entropy Quotient tells you how aligned your organisation is today, and over a period of time, helps you quantitatively track improvement on this score. Being a number (rather than fuzzy words), it makes it easier for you to measure and keep track. Given the revolutionary potential of this tool, it has been made the subject of a Doctoral program in India.

  1. Encode
  2. Energize
  3. Engineer
  4. Engrain
  5. Enhance

Objective: Encode the extent of synergy between the people equity and the brand equity of the organisation.

Methodology: Encode entails application of diagnostic tools which include group exercises which employ feedback, problem solving, and role play to help key internal stakeholders gain insights into themselves, others and functional groups in the context of aligning to the Business-Brand objectives.

Objective: Energize the employee set to Live the Brand as a felt need through interventions in the physical and mental spaces within the organisation.

Methodology The felt need concept is initiated through focused internal branding efforts which include organisation-wide communication, contests, events as well as transformation of physical spaces.

Encompass develops and implements people engagement initiatives that will help elicit a positive response as well as participation & ownership for the ensuing Entropy TM initiatives.  These include contests, brainstorming programs, intranet messaging, newsletters etc.

Encompass works closely with Brand Consultancies and Communication partners to help transform the organization’s shared mind-space.

Objective: Engineer people equity management & measurement systems that facilitate achievement of the business-brand objectives.

Methodology:  The systems are engineered based on the concept of constructive disruption, which urges employees across levels and functions to move out of their comfort zones to embrace the Brand Arrow TM in their functional and behavioural ethos. 

Objective: Engrain the engineered systems through participatory learning modes.

Methodology: Experiential communication; Internal brainstorming platforms; Bottom-up and peer-to-peer communications; Identifiable brand standards; tone and manner; Creative, fun learning experiences.

When employees are highly engaged around the things that make the biggest difference for customers, the result is a strong brand.
Engaged employees create engaged customers.
Entropy – Engrain is the effort to reinforce the connect of employees with customers.

Objective: Enhance the entropy through support systems that strengthen & sustain the internal brand alignment.

Methodology: Review & Monitoring systems to measure the Entropy.

L&D System, Recruitment System, Rewards & Recognition Systems aligned to the business-brand objectives.



Very simply, there are four reasons why we believe you should engage us.

Our solutions are customised for your company.

We realise that every company has unique business objectives, challenges and contexts, and a unique culture. Our approach is therefore tailored so as to first understand these in detail and then come up with a solution that is most relevant to you.

Detailed understanding of your company’s background, operations, people,
needs, goals, pain areas, etc.

Understanding key external factors: consumers, competitors, technology,
industry trends, etc.

Coming up with recommendations that are right for YOUR business.

Facilitating the implementation of recommendations. Hand-holding you
throughout this stage.



1. What is internal alignment?

Simply put, internal alignment is the process of aligning all your internal stakeholders – which means, mainly your team of employees – with the vision and goals of your organisation. This could mean aligning them with your goal of achieving a certain large turnover in a certain period of time, or with your vision of bringing about a culture of innovation in your company. These are just examples of course. But, the idea is to get your entire team to single-mindedly focus on the vision/goals of the organisation.

This entails sensitising them to that vision or goal, and to the realities of the market, and then creating a ‘felt need’ in your employees for transformation. This is what we call an ‘outside-in’ approach. Only then will internal alignment will be truly meaningful.


Client Transformation Stories

The client: A Rs. 500 Crore company, which is engaged in the sales & service of auto electrical spare parts.

The objective: The parent company has been predominantly in the manufacturing & supply of OEM components to the automotive industry. This specific division was lagging behind in terms of growth potential, mainly because its employees did not have a pro-active push attitude to sell spares in a competitive market place.

Our approach: A sensitization workshop to highlight the brand’s promise and the business growth value.

Our recommendations/outputs: A measurement of the extent of alignment of key stakeholders with the brand promise and business values. Related to this, we recommended a revised organization structure and JDs/KRAs for the Sales and Marketing teams.

The outcome: A comprehensive change in the roles & responsibilities of various levels as well as a revised PMS- based on Encompass recommendations is currently been undertaken internally.


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